About to hatch writing

i am seeing a huge boulder that is sitting on the beach motionless.

There's a lot of little cracks around the boulder.As i am walking around the big boulder.The waves were crashing up on the big boulder.Then the waves made the cracks disappear.It was round. It was big it was very weird i got a shivering feeling that i shouldn't be here.There was a weird sound coming from it but it sounded like it was coming from all around the boulder

There was a weird sound coming from it.But it sounded like it was coming from all around the boulder.So i walk around the rock i saw nothing so i went and ate my lunch and i come back and it is gone i didn't know if it was a living thing.I looked around the boulder i knocked on it.Then it cracked open and green ooze came out of it.

I can smell the green ooze that came out.It really was annoying i didn’t know what to do.Also i keep get the horrible taste of the sea salt water.A big wave was coming from the sea so i started to run back to the car.I saw the rock and then the water took over the rock and then!.It was all fix up but something was still wrong after about 5 minutes.I knew what it was know there was another 5 of them sitting there.

I can feel lots of different things as i slip and slide down the road and then i get pinched by a crab AWWWW! I scream i fight the pain i got to the rock then i knock on it and nothing happens then i kick and i punch it and nothing else happens i go around the rocks and try it on all of them
And nothing happens i go back to the first one i knock on it again and then it crack open and it made me sneeze.Blue ooze is coming out of it coming out of it now.

I can taste the sand as i slipped over.On the sand as i walked in the boulder. I look inside after the ooze finished coming out of it.Here was something in there and it look like a regular bubble.I tryed to pop it i touch it it didn’t pop.I had a pin in my pocket i tryed to pop the bubble with that but it didn't work.I went out of the boulder and grab a rock o wait the a crab again AWWWWWWW.It pinched me again i found a real rock and i tryed to pop it and then it pop.

Then i went home for the rest of the day. By Kade

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