the wetlands trip


WALT describe a new zealand habitat and the animal who live there

Room 5 went to the Wetlands trip we saw lots of animals that live there like pukeko,mallard duck
paradise duck,waterboatman,red laval and lots of bush birds there is also something call a food
chain it start of with the producers,primary consumers,secondary consumers and decomposer.

The pukeko help save the wetlands because when it is duck shooting season the pukeko go there so they do not get hurt.We also got to use sieve to get lots of water boatmen backswimmers red laval there is lots more of all of these things.We used binoculars to see all of the birds that live there.There were some really ugly duck and birds some of them were so fat they couldn't not even fly.

my ocean writing


WALT.Describe a New Zealand habitat and the animals who live here

My habitat is the ocean it is a lovely place filled with saltwater where lots of animals live in the ocean like fish, dolphins, sharks, jellyfish, kelp and coral. There are lots of rocks underwater as well as caves and little mountains.

Hector Dolphins are one of the best known of the four dolphins in the genus cephalorhynchus group.They are is the only endemic cetacean to live in New Zealand.They are approximately 1.4 m in length.They are one of the smallest dolphins. Many Hector Dolphins live in Akaroa harbour because they stay in warm water so sharks do not attacked.

Jellyfish of the world are such effective ocean wanderers that they haven't changed very much and jellyfish move with their strings.Some jellyfish are bigger than a human.Jellyfish have been on earth longer than dinosaurs.The jellyfish is made out of water and protein. Jellyfish live in the ocean because it is where they are raised

There are 400 different species of sharks and only 3 of them like to eat humans and these are the most deadliest shark like the tiger shark the bull shark and the great white shark.Of the hundreds of sharks of shark species there are 3 most often impacted in unprovoked shark attacks humans.  Sharks live in New Zealand waters because they do not like warm water

Dont let the pigeons drive the bus

10.10.16 WALT I am trying to persuade the reader to agree with me.
Don't let the pigeons drive the bus.
[Jonathan]Because the pigeons does not know how to drive a bus.
[Cayden]And it does not have a license.
[kade]It did not go to school to learn how to drive a bus.
Why pigeons should not drive a bus.

Pigeons should not drive the bus because they did not go to driving school + people are still trying to teach dogs to drive it will be about 10 years later.But there are still good things they could use a car that does not need someone drive on the wheel plus people can create a car that does not need people or birds pushing the pedals or driving the wheel.

Pigeons Should not drive the bus because they do not have hands and they do not have their driver's license. And they need to learn to drive and not business on the driver’s seats.they need to be potty trained.But they should reach the pedals with their stuben legs  and they can get someone to steer the bus.

Pigeons should drive the bus because everyone and everything gets a try at most things in their life.they can learn how to drive the bus people will just need to make a school for pigeons that teaches pigeons to drive buss.Like a type of school it's like when you are getting your drivers licence of people.

By Kade.

Persuade writing

Oaklands Future School and uniform for  oaklands
W.A.L.T persuade the reader to agree with you.We should have trampolines at school because it is very good for exercise.
I think the positives of having trampolines at oaklands school are...
1 you get very fit.
2 It is very fun.
3 You can have lots of friends to do it with you.
4it helps you learn more.
5it refreshes your brain.
I think the negatives of having trampolines at oaklands school are...
1 safety people could fall out.
2 if too many people are on the bottom it could rip.
How i think to fix the negatives fix the negatives...
1 only have 2 of 3 people on at a time.
2 don't do tricks only do it if you have permission.
How to get the money
Have a PJ day gold coin donation.
Have a bake sale selling cakes for 1 of 2 dollars
And all of the school in christchurch get one million dollars to redesign their school E.G. halswell school.