adjectives and nouns

WALT add adjectives to nouns
1.The museum, big and quiet, and roomy had lots of things.
2.The mountain, small and long, had a big tunnel.

3. The fast jet plane, sped through the air.
4. The fat, empty room was very bright.


ANZAC is about hundreds of soldiers died in Gallipoli they had to walk threw water. It had been 24H
460 people ka


last week my class showed resilience by being very good at never giving up.

we showed resilience

my family

hi my name is Kade.
my mum's name is Anthea.
my dad's name is Phil .
my sister's name is Brookey.
I love my family they are super nice.
thank you for looking at this @ I love it.

all about me

My name is kade I like to play soccer I am the goal keeper a lot. it is very fun.

Welcome Post

Welcome to my learning blog for 2015.
I will be adding posts by myself.